Technical questions answered

Do I Need Server Space for ‘The Brain’?

No. ‘The Brain’ is a fully hosted package, meaning you don’t need to allow for storage at your establishment. We take care of storing ‘The Brain’ on a secure server. We also take the head-ache out of backing-up your data too.

What devices can ‘The Brain’ be used with?

‘The Brain’ is a web-based system, meaning you can access it from any device as long as you have an internet connection.
For the best experience, we recommend a minimum screen size of 7” or larger ie the size of a tablet. The ability to take photographs and video is useful for recording of evidence before uploading. Please check your school or college’s ICT policy for details of any devices not supported by your own network.

What Internet Speed Do We Need to Run ‘The Brain’?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend a minimum connection speed of 100kbps each way per user and that network usage is monitored carefully. Speak to your IT Technician to confirm that you have the right connection in place.

How Secure is My Student Data on ‘The Brain’?

‘The Brain’ runs on a secure cloud based server and all data is sent over an SSL 3.0 256 bit encrypted connection. SSL allows sensitive information such as login credentials and other information saved on The Brain to be transmitted securely. Without SSL, data sent between browsers and web servers is sent in plain text—leaving you vulnerable to eavesdropping. If an attacker is able to intercept all data being sent between a browser and a web server, they can see and use that information.

What is the Risk of Losing Student Work on ‘The Brain’?

As long as the user is connected to the internet, there is no risk of losing work. The Brain is a cloud based piece of software, which has automated and manual save functionality. The secure data base where all user work is saved, is backed up every 24 hours as an added precaution.

What Technical Support Do You Offer?

Most people find the information they need through our online help facility, which is available 24/7. Should you require further assistance, we are able to provide support through our technical helpdesk, which operates 9-5 Monday to Friday. Email For support.

My Student Has Left Their Device At Home – How Can They Access Their Work?

The days of the dog eating their homework are long-gone with ‘The Brain’.  As everything is stored online, students can access their work at any time;  with any device;  in any location;  as long as they have an internet connection and their log-in details.

What Browsers Can I Use to Access the Platform?

The system utilises a number of cutting edge features of modern web browsers and HTML5 and, as such, the browser support is more limited that most public websites.  To ensure best performance of the system, use the latest version of the following:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 10

Education questions answered

What is the Maximum Class Size I can Enrol on The Brain?

There is no maximum. You purchase licences according to the number of students you need qualifications for. If you exceed the number of licences you have purchased, simply Contact us and we’ll set you up with however many additional licences you need.

How Easy Is It To Differentiate Content for my Learners With ‘The Brain’?

‘The Brain’ holds a variety of learning/training tasks which are designed to build the learning journey from the very basics to high levels of evaluation. The Brain enables learners to work at their own pace and challenges appropriately to ensure progress.

Will ‘The Brain’ Work with Screen Readers for Users with Disabilities?

All features of ‘The Brain’ are built with screen readers in mind and conform to W3C accessibility standards.

‘The Brain’ Comes Pre-populated with Content, but Can I Use My Own?

Yes.  Simply send us the content and we’ll upload it to your account for you.  There is an additional charge for this, which is based on how much content you would like to be added.  Please Contact us with details of what you’d like uploaded and we’d be happy to provide a quote.

How Can I Communicate With my Students Through ‘The Brain’?

Teachers are able to send emails to their class through ‘The Brain’, through the class management page.

Can Students Print Copies of Their Work?

The system allows you to download a zip folder of a student’s complete set of work in HTML format.  This allows the student to keep a record of all their work when they leave and ensures a smooth transition if moving to another educational establishment before the end of their course.

How Can I Save Money With ‘The Brain’?

You can drastically reduce the need to print coursework and worksheets with The Brain.  As work and learning resources are accessed online, the need to print materials is limited, therefore reducing your carbon footprint and that all important photocopying bill.

We calculate that print costs associated with coursework-based qualifications typically cost just under £5 per learner per unit. The user license of The Brain is less, notwithstanding the time and effort it takes to organise education programmes geared around these qualifications.

Can We Incorporate Our Whole School Marking Policy into ‘The Brain’?

The Brain feedback system enables flexibility and customisation when marking student work. It is also set up to be qualification compliant, saving assessors and internal verifiers time when marking.

Do I need to print work out for external/standards verifiers?

No, The Brain supports the external/standards verifier process fully. The system is underpinned by a fully integrated and compliant internal verification functionality, designed to save time and energy from creating traditional processes of arranging to share work with colleagues to meet demands of the Lead IV/qualification.

Your question not answered?

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